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We are reasonable on our rates...typically half of the local rates ($50-$75/Hr), we also do "project" rates - Give us a call we have great flexibility to accommodate your project.
Our passion is to help all musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
Our local artist program offers significant discounts based upon the project.
All sessions include an engineer and full use of the studio equipment and instruments.
Come and Have a Great Experience... We Will Do Our Best to Make You Sound Your Best.


Prices vary (Engineer included)

This is all about TRACKING... The process of finding the right combination of microphones, gear, and settings that are required to get your best sound down on tape or into the DAW. Here we focus on getting the performance as right as possible so that we have high quality raw tracks when it's time to move on to mixing your project.


Prices vary (Engineer included)

MIXDOWN is an exciting time in the studio. This is where we use all of the know how, effects, and gear at our disposal to make your project a HIT! Its the time when we build your song from the ground up and make all of the necessary adjustments, tweaks and edits to get that PERFECT performance all laid out before we move on to mastering the final cut.



Prices vary (Engineer included)



Prices vary (Engineer included)

Mastering is ALL about getting your project ready to compete with the other mainstream music out there. We spend time choosing the polish and tone that you want for your final product. We use compressors and limiters to move the mix up to broadcast or streaming quality and assure that the final product will translate well to ALL of the various listening devices your music may encounter, such as earbuds, full speakers, the car, and streaming media.

Making your music come to life is great... But what if you need other players, advice on song structure and other instruments that might complement the work? What if you are a great guitarist but need help with the vocals? ALL of these things can be found within the community of local musicians and the PRODUCER's role is to help you arrange ALL of the elements required for a successful project. Need to know about uploading and streaming your project? We are here to Help! We will do ALL we can to assure you are satisfied with the results.

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