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David Lookingbill

David is a very talented Contemporary Christian Rocker and Balladeer. His many gifts include singing and playing guitar along with being an exceptional songwriter and lyricist. David was the first artist to record in The Studio and his many friends in the music community are often seen here as well.

Melanie Bailiff

A quick Scratch Track of Melanie;s great new work in progress, her song REALITY - Mel is a local Harford County Artist who's Progressive/Christian sensibility and authentic lyrical style have won over lots of fans.

IMG_20210514_225509 (002).jpg

This is a  track that showcases a simple arrangement and straightforward vocal ideas that come together nicely as a finished product - Mojabe is a long-time friend of the Studio

Spin Off

Here is a Live One Take version from my good friends in Spin Off. We recorded this as a one shot during a long evening preparing a five song rough demo

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