Forest Hill Studio is a professional recording studio located in beautiful Forest Hill, MD, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big studio sound in an intimate and inviting setting.
  • We Record Using an Antelope Audio Goliath HD Gen III with 64x 64 Digital Interface with Unlimited Tracks

  • Tracks are recorded into one of two Digital Audio Worstations, Presonus Studio One 4.5 Professional or Ableton LIVE 9.5 Suite

  • Tape Emulations of Studer A80, Ampex 102 EMI, Abbey Roads J37, Kramer and more

  • We Use a Presonus FaderPort 16 Mixing Controller/Console Integrated with The Presonus StudioLive Digital Mixer Active Integration and USB 3.0 Interface

  • Additional Control Surfaces/Mixers Include the Softube Console and Fader 1 Production Controller and Digital Audio

  • Workstation Controllers Are Fully Integrated with the StudioOne DAW

  • Antelope Edge Duonand Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System Featuring Neumann, Sony, AKG, Telefunken and Many Vintage Mic's

  • AKG P220, and P420 (multiple)

  • Shure SM57and SM58

  • Audio Technica 4020, 

  • MXL 990XL (multiple)

  • AKG Session 1 7 Piece Drum Kit Mic Set

  • Various Utility Microphones

  • Chandler Limited TG1 Abbey Road

  • Three Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Octos - LA-2A Compressor, 1176 Compressor, Manly, Distressor, Etc.

  • API, Neve and SSL Transformer Console Preamps, Pulteq EQ, Abbey Roads, EMI, 

  • Neve 1073 EQ/Preamp, Fairchild 670, 

  • Thousands of Plugins  - Antelope Audio, Waves, ALL of UAD's Plug-ins, Slate Digital, Brainworx & Many Others 

  • Monitoring is Controlled with aAudient Nero Monitoring Controller

  • Studio Monitors Include a Pair of Focal Shape Twin Reference Monitors and a Pair of KRK V4's and VXT 8's

  • Advanced Room Correction Software and Monitor Emulator

  • Izotope Virtual Monitoring for all MP3 & AAC Compression Formats

  • Presonus Earmix 16 and Behringer P-16M Personal Monitoring System for Tracking and Tascam High Isolation Headphones - 6 Stations

  • Native Instruments S88 88-Key Weighted SATA Keyboard

  • DW Maple Drums with Zildjian Cymbals

  • Washburn , Epiphone , Seagull, and Fender Six String Acoustic/Electric Guitars

  • Les Paul Electrics

  • Djembe Percussion Drum

  • Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11 Virtual Instruments Featuring Thousands of Instruments Across the Entire Musical Spectrum

  • EZ Drummer 3 and Superior Drummer 3,0, Slate Trigger 2

  • Slate Digital Everything Bundle and Waves Audio Plugins


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