We Offer State of the Art Digital Multitrack Recording Using SSL and Hybrid Digital and Vintage Universal Audio Analog Gear to Get the Very Best From Your Studio Performance. 

We Have Unlimited Tracks and 32 Motorized Faders Available on our SSL Mixing Console and ALL of the Plugins and Outboard Gear to Make Your Final Mix Radio and Streaming Ready

We Use the Latest Mastering Tools From SSL and Neve as well as Plugins From Slate Digital, Abbey Roads, Waves, UAD and Izotope, to Assure That Your Final Product Sounds as Good as the Studio Mix

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Forest Hill Studio was founded to give local and national musicians or other music enthusiasts access to a full featured professional studio without the cost and time constraints of hiring into a big commercial studio and exposing yourself to the "attitude" and time limitations that go along with doing so. We believe that cost barriers should not exist as it often means denying creative talents access to make their dreams of recording their music a reality. Additionally, a comfortable and creative environment is central to what we do here.


With this in mind, we endeavor to provide reasonably priced studio time to artists who are respectful and whose music we enjoy. We accommodate complete project sessions as well as by the hour booking. The Studio is a safe and encouraging environment nestled in the Maryland countryside which provides a  relaxed atmosphere to create, but is also within easy reach of the city and any needed amenities.

If you are under 18 you must have your parent or guardian escort you and be present during all sessions.


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David Lookingbill

David is a very talented Contemporary Christian Rocker and Balladeer. His many gifts include singing and playing guitar along with being an exceptional songwriter and lyricist. David was the first artist to record in The Studio and his many friends in the music community are often seen here at The Studio as well.

It takes YOUR TIME and your COMMITMENT - Please be Prepared and Ready to Go. Please Don't Cancel at the Last Minute. Please be Kind to the People Here.

Terry Peters

2287 Phillips Mill Rd

Forest Hill, MD 21050

Tel: 1-949-735-4643

Our studio is open 7 days a week:


Monday - Friday 10am - 11pm

Saturday - 10am - 11pm

Sunday - 12pm - 11pm

Special Schedules and Hours Accomodated on Request


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